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Welcome to the Puddleby Art.

At Puddleby Art.com.au we offer the largest selection of Yoko Yamamoto`s dog art collection. Yoko Yamamoto is one of Japan`s leading artists’
who specialises in dog art. We love what Yoko Yamamoto does and love her original style. Puddleby Art.com.au is a place that inspires creativity and allows people to experience joy through Yoko Yamamoto`s dog art collection.

Yoko Yamamoto`s art work is very unique and different from others. If you don’t see a breed or item you are looking for, drop us a note. We will see if it is available and contact you personally to help you find what you are looking for. Please keep in mind that we will do a commission just for you!

Yoko Yamamoto is delighted to accept commissions. Yoko only works from owners’ photographs< clear quality and more than 1 image >because she believes that owners will capture dogs at their best, and we insure that the results are outstanding. Prices range from $600 up to several thousand and vary depending on the medium selected as well as the number of dogs and the size of the portrait. Make sure you contact us early because lead times can be anything up to 12 months. The private commission can be paintings< without frame >, sculpture, scarf and neckties.

We will have few more new collections, so stay tuned!!!

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