Yoko Yamamoto’s Dog Art Print in Matte

Each month we will let you know about one of the special art pieces we have available in our collection.

This month we feature the Matte Print.( See website for details of which prints are available to order)

We are very lucky to be the only distribtors of these unique art works from Yoko Yamamoto, in Australia. They can be ordered from our website, and we also attend a number of Dog Shows around the country where we get to exhibit Yokos works. Yoko is a famous artist from Tokyo Japan who has spent many years as a dog artist, and has produced an enourmous number of paintings, drawings and sculptures, all capturing a unique style of the breed or breeds that form the basis of her work.
Each print has its own interesting story behind it with a number of the prints representing traditional Japanese customs such as ‘Cherry Blossom Party in Spring’ or both Girls & Boys festival. Take a look at the range on the website to see which ones are your favourites.

We love the fact that Yoko’s works never fail to bring a smile to the faces of those who see her art. We kmow you too will love her work and apprecaite the detail and the quality of the art works. Each piece comes printed on acid free paper in a Matte Frame and is ready for you to frame and admire for years to come.
We are constantly adding new prints as they become available so make sure you check out the website regularly to see our latest offerings, you wont be disappointed!

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